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Marina and Emilio open their cellar to all the wine-lovers. Guests are kindly welcomed in the recently renewed tasting room, where they can taste wine and enjoy a typical country snack. Masaglia family is all this.  When a bottle of our wine is opened to drink to friendship, respect, esteem, taste and prestige, this human warmth and wisdom, and these horizons and gestures filI our glass. And our hearts as well.

The technical assistance provided by experts covers every stage of cultivation, from winter to summer pruning, and treatments follow the integrated and guided methods.


Grape production is controlled by thinning the bunches in case of excess of buds, grapes are harvested when ripe and only perfectly healthy grapes are used to make the wines. 


The cellars, equipped with all the modern devices, are still faithful to the most traditional wine-producing process. 


Bottling is made only when the wines are mature (from a minimum of 6 months for all the white wines to over 24 months for red wines, aged in oak barrels).

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